Final Fantasy 15 Gets Six DLCs And Season Pass

Final Fantasy 15 gets six DLC along with a season pass. It's on the Japanese PSN store for preorder now.

Final Fantasy 15, a game long awaited by many fans, is getting a season pass whenever it launches. It does not come much as a surprise, as many game companies have been doing season passes a lot over the years for their own games. 

There is a pre-order for the "Digital Premium Edition" of Final Fantasy 15, which includes the full game and the season pass, and it went live on the Playstation Store in the U.S today for $84.99. If you want, there is a "Season Pass Upgrade" for the people who pre-ordered the game already digitally. 

A Square Enix representative claimed to not have further information about the season pass, but later Gematsu revealed what is in store.

During E3 2016 in June, the Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata said the game’s downloadable content plans were “pretty much finalized,” and that it would include “additional story content, costumes, as well as things that don’t fall into those categories that fans will be excited to see.” 

The actual details were given on the Japanese PSN Store, which includes six pieces of DLC for the game, and a new mode of play.

  • “Booster Pack” (DLC #1)
  • “Episode Gladiolus” (DLC #2)
  • “Holiday Pack” (DLC #3)
  • “Episode Ignis” (DLC #4)
  • “Episode Prompto” (DLC #5)
  • “Expansion Pack” (DLC #6)

If you are from Japan, or have a PSN account that's region is in Japan it costs  2,700 yen for the season pass.


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Published Aug. 3rd 2016

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