TurtleBlaze Announces Adorable New Medroidvania Game Kunai

Fight your way through the robot apocalypse as a great warrior trapped in a tablet's body in TurtleBlaze's Kunai.

You may have played Metroidvania games before, but have you ever played one as a ninja tablet capable of pulling off insane parkour moves while wielding an armory of deadly weapons? Chances are pretty good you haven't. But that's OK because you'll now have the chance.

Yesterday, publisher The Arcade Crew and developer TurtleBlaze revealed Kunai, a new indie action game coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. Although the game doesn't yet have a release date, it does have a pretty sweet trailer, which you can see above.

Swing on ropes across chasms, dash up walls, drop in on enemy targets, and cause insane amounts of glorious mayhem, all as a little electronic tablet "with an ancient warrior's soul."  

Of course, the game's protag isn't just a tablet, it's the main character, Tabby, who awakens after an apocalyptic event nearly wipes out humanity. 

The nearly destroyed world full of secrets, hidden passages, and strange characters, robots roam free. Players will need to make use of all their ninja skills to find all these hidden places and discover everything there is to know about the world.

On their way, players will use an arsenal of deadly weapons to fight their way through machines, androids, and mechs. They'll also be able to make friends with others in the apocalyptic world to have them join in their fight against the evil armies taking over. 

While there's no word on betas or anything of the sort, players interested in checking out the game are (kind of) in luck. The developers will be showing off Kunai at GDC on March 20-22 and PAX East on March 28-31. Those attending GDC can find Kunai in booth N3007 while PAX East attendees will be able to find it at booth #21097 in the Indie Megabooth area.

While The Arcade Crew has previously worked on games such as Dark Devotion, Chrome Blazing, and Young Souls, Kunai is only the second game from TurtleBlaze — and the small studio's first game for Switch and PC. Previously, Turtleblaze developed Road Warriors, an "intergalactic racing game" for iOS and Android. 

To learn more about Kunai, be sure to head over to the game's official site.

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Published Mar. 14th 2019

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