Raiden V takes flight on Xbox One May 11

Raiden V will be releasing in America, Europe & Asia on May 11 for Xbox One.

Developer MOSS has announced that Raiden V will be releasing on May 11. The newest numbered installment marks the series 25 year anniversary of the series.

Raiden titles feature a top down view, vertical scrolling stages, and high scores to seek out. The shoot 'em up (shmup) series began with the release of Raiden for arcades. Its story of tells of an alien invasion against Earth in the future. The world military captures an alien ship and creates a new weapon, "the fighting thunder", to fight their oppressors.

The original title was developed by Seibu Kaihatsu and its popularity led to a number of ports and sequels. After some time, developer MOSS emerged from Seibu Kaihatsu when they became bankrupt in 1993. MOSS continued development with the release of Raiden III in 2005.

The Raiden format provides players with 8 arcade stages. These stages often consists of the first half taking place on Earth and then escalating eventually to outer space. As an arcade shooter, you must shoot down enemies and constantly avoid fire to keep the score multiplier going.

With the new cheer system implementation, players can provide support online to other players. With enough encouragement, players can gain a highly damaging attack. Raiden V also features three ships to choose with various degrees of attack power, defense, and speed. This will provide players with choices as to how to approach their playthrough. 

Fans can look forward to challenging stages with Raiden V next week.


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Published May. 4th 2016
  • Death Metal Hero
    Cant wait to play this. I love bullet hells so much. But holy crap that trailer was bad lol

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