Veteran Halo and Destiny writer, Joseph Staten, joins ReCore

Joseph Staten takes charge of ReCore's story

If you loved the stories of Halo 3: ODST and/or Destiny then you will be happy to hear that Joseph Staten, a pivotal member of both games' development teams, is joining ReCore as lead writer.

He told The New York Times that the direction the game is going to take will be "unconventional". 

ReCore revolves around the quest of female protagonist, Joule, who believes she is the last human alive and has the gargantuan task of reviving our species. She will have to befriend and then enlist the help of blue cored robots, or machines, to help her achieve her goal.

Staten is also happy that the game's protagonist is a female character. He stated that, "the male gender does not have the monopoly on heroism...we hope she [Joule] is a character who stands strong and stands out in a market filled with male heroes". 

Joule - ReCore's protagonist

Joule will join the likes of Lara Croft and Faith, from Mirror's Edge, on a growing list of female lead characters in video games.

Staten's work on Halo 3: ODST and Destiny shows that he is no stranger to capturing scenarios of plight and disaster for humanity in video game form, so we should expect much of the same with ReCore when it launches later this year (release date TBA).



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Published Jan. 6th 2016

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