Video Games Can Be Used to Treat Bed-wetting

Video game fairies help five-year-old Kaylen from wetting her bed.

When I saw the video I provided for you below, I immediately thought how helpful this would have been when I was younger. Yes I admit it; I was a bed-wetter until the age of 7. Although, perhaps I wasn't the same kind of bed-wetter as five-year-old Kaylen Black and other kids have. Kaylen's mother Alyssa says she knew her daughter did not have her accidents on purpose because she saw that she was trying her best to control them. She would see her daughter squat down trying to hold it, but never could. 

As a child I never had an accident while I was awake, so after reading this I knew there must be different kinds—or at least different levels of bed-wetting. According to Amanda Ramos-Hodge, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Children's Urology, Kaylen and other children like her have dysfunctional voiding, also known as urinary incontinence. 

How it works

By using special video games, doctors are able to help children like Kaylen discover muscles they originally did not know they had. With the use of the games, Kaylen is now able to learn how to control these newly discovered muscles.

During her therapy, Kaylen plays the role of a yellow fairy. The objective of the game is to turn bees into small pink fairies using her muscles. To learn more about how this is done, watch the video below! 


Published Sep. 16th 2013

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