Dark Souls II Comic Available Online Now

Get a glimpse into the world of Dark Souls II with it's very own comic.

Back in October at London's MCM Comic Con, we interviewed Andi Ewington, one of the writers of the comic book that will set-up the back story of Dark Souls II's new hero. Today, the first few pages of the comic unleashed.

Every week, until March 14th 2014 (EU release date), two new pages will become available via the game's Facebook page. To start us off, five pages have already been published.

Those interested in getting their hands on a physical copy of the complete comic can do so by pre-ordering the game at specific outlets (such as Zavvi in the UK), which they'll then receive along with the game when it's released.

Keeping "Into the Light" In the Dark

Interestingly, Ewington assured us that he and his co-writer, Rob Williams, weren't going to touch upon or convolute the history and lore behind the game's world, or prematurely divulge anything about the game's narrative content.


"We don’t want to give away too much...because that’s something that the players enjoy, and want to experience and find out for themselves."

Instead, the comic will look at tapping into the emotions and atmosphere of the game, with the hope that it will resonate with what fans love about the series.

"What we’ve done is produced a comic that touches on those experience touch points that people come across: the fear and trepidation, and the fact that death could be around the corner. Those are the real emotions that we’re trying to push through in the comic...Almost like a first step into the world of Dark Souls II."

Dark Souls II: Into the Light can be viewed at http://bngames.eu/ds2comic. For more information about the game, and information about where to pre-order it with the physical copy, visit www.darksoulsii.com.

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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