Board Game Adjacent: Top 12 Steam Games For Tabletop Fans

King's Bounty Crossworlds

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Stripping out everything extraneous and focusing on what players really want, the original King's Bounty and follow-up Armored Princess scratched a very specific itch.

The series combat is along the lines of Heroes Of Might and Magic, but there's no city or resource management beyond building up your armies and leveling your hero.

An extreme focus on turn-based combat makes this a very satisfying series for board game fans. If you're looking to jump in, I recommend picking up Crossworlds, since it has both the expanded version of Armored Princess and the DLC.

A full-fledged King's Bounty 2 is also currently in the works and due out sometime in 2020.

Published Dec. 13th 2019

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