Presidential Blitz turns 2016 election into retro game

Presidential Blitz transforms the insults, double-talk and rumors surrounding the 2016 election to make it almost tolerable.

If the 2016 US election has you filled with uncertainty about the state of the free world, try taking a fresh perspective with an election-inspired indie game.

Presidential Blitz, a free game, tries to make the election season a bit more bearable by transforming it into a nostalgic desktop game with characters Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As Clinton, players try to dodge millennials and collect gifts from super PACs while Trump’s goal is to dodge the bombs being lobbed at him by the media and GOP.

To start off, each character has five hearts in the top left-hand corner. Each encounter with an obstacle lowers the character’s heart level. The game includes three levels and bonus levels for each character, which increase in difficulty.

Even though Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t a playable character in the game, he still has a palpable presence -- similar to his status in the election, to be honest. However, it’s obvious that the game spreads its ridicule equally between the candidates.

As the primaries are in full swing, perhaps Presidential Blitz is needed now more than ever.

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Published Sep. 15th 2016
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