Is the Xbox One Contoller getting a revision

A new Xbox One controller design has been spotted on Microsoft's website but since removed. Could we see it announced at E3?

Although the image seems to have been removed at this stage, it looks as if Microsoft may have accidentally leaked a new Xbox One controller design that has been presumed to have been geared up for an E3 reveal. The feature labelled number 16 on the image which is now missing from the Xbox Support website was referred to as being a 3.5mm jack.

Not everyone felt the Xbox One improved on the 360's controller

The Xbox 360 controller was considered by many to be the best controller ever designed and although opinion over its successor was split, it was generally agreed that it got some things wrong. While the new impulse triggers were welcome and the refined thumbsticks were well received, other changes and the lack thereof in some cases were not. If you are one of the many who despised the unresponsive bumpers and could not believe that Microsoft still insisted on using AA batteries, then just maybe you could be in luck.

Having said that, there is no evidence to suggest that there are any other planned new features or alterations to the design if it is even a reality, so be very cautious with your optimism. Keep an eye on Microsoft's E3 annoucements in June to find out.


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Published May. 28th 2015
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