City of the Shroud, a SRPG that controls like a fighting game

City of the Shroud, a SRPG fighting game hybrid is now greenlit on Steam and has its own Kickstarter.

Developer Abyssal Arts' City of the Shroud (CotS) has been greenlit on Steam and the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign as well. CoTS is a game that is part SRPG and part fighting game. 

The story, written by Moria Katson, tells of a mysterious shroud that has been cast over the city, trapping the populace. To make matters worse, the city of Iskendrun finds itself broken politically, economically, and socially. The protagonist (you) becomes locked into the city as danger looms on the horizon. You're forced to fight for survival as you eventually discover the source behind the shroud. The narrative will unfold in episodic campaigns based on the community's collective choices.


At its core CotS is a SRPG.  However there are a few noticeable differences and additions. Your characters attacks foes with fighting game controls. For example, your mage can cast powerful magic repeatedly with the correct inputs. Battle takes place in real-time, so players must pay careful attention as they move about maps. 

With online PVP, 6 classes, and a number of customizing choices for your characters, City of the Shroud is a game to look forward to. Abyssal Arts has demo available on the game's site


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Published Apr. 18th 2016

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