Physical Rewards Removed From Club Nintendo Until May 13th

You can't but physical Club Nintendo items until May 13th, because the systems are getting updated. This is only for the American Club Nintendo store.

The Club Nintendo store is a website where you can order Nintendo items. You don't buy them with real coins, but with virtual coins you earn by purchasing games and devices. You can also buy and download games with your coins.

Buyers will not be able to purchase physical products (bags, controller cases/holders) as the systems are updated. Digital games are still downloadable. A few of the download games you can buy:

  1. Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! (80 Coins)
  2. Aura-Aura Climber (100 Coins)
  3. Kirby’s Pinball Land (150 Coins)
  4. Trajectile (200 Coins)
  5. Super Mario World (200 Coins)
  6. Balloon Fight (200 Coins)
  7. F-Zero X (200 Coins)
  8. Art Academy: First Semester (200 Coins)
  9. Mario Golf (250 Coins)

This is only for the American Club Nintendo, you can still order things if you live somewhere else.


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Published Apr. 24th 2014

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