5 Star Wars Games That Need to Make a Comeback With The Last Jedi

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Star Wars is a precious topic to many pop culture fans. Many of these fans also happen to be gamers, and it's no surprise that over the years, we've had many top notch Star Wars games.

With the announcement of Star Wars 8 being subtitled The Last Jedi, discussion on the reemergence of Star Wars games has taken place. But what games would we like to see return? Some on this list may be obvious, but the details of "how" are what really make this list worth it.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

By: Lucas Arts

First of all, this game stars Kyle Katarn. Next slide.

No, but really, many people debate whether Kyle is a bad ass straight out of whatever Star Wars people call hell or a literary Mary Sue. Not only was he a cool character, but the games were actually really fun to play. They may seem dated by today's standards, but this game was like The Force Unleashed for the early 2000's. 

Here's where the eureka moment happens. Combine the creativity of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast with the fast-paced and pretty looks of The Force Unleashed and you can really give the Jedi Knight series the comeback it deserves.

In Jedi Outcast, players started off not being a Jedi and slowly learning the ways of the Force. This meant fighting with a blaster and other non-lightsaber weapons. As you progressed through the game, more force powers were achieved, giving a sense of accomplishment.

Now obviously, The Force Unleashed was a game about a fully unleashed Sith apprentice with overwhelming power from the get-go. That's fine, it's what it was. But applying the progression of Jedi Outcast to the mechanics of The Force Unleashed could be a big accomplishment. It could even be done from another angle, putting a Jedi in the driver's seat once again.

Star Wars Battlefront

By: LucasArts

This one may seem too easy, as it's an easy target because DICE's Battlefront, but it wouldn't be talked about so often if it wasn't true. We want to see the true Star Wars Battlefront return.

What does that entail? A story. What made Star Wars Battlefront II so special was the story following the 501st Legion of Clone Troopers. After Order 66, you followed them as Stormtroopers. Each mission had objectives that made sense and every one of them felt different from the last.

In DICE's Battlefront, it just feels like Battlefield with a few changes. There are plenty of people who may say otherwise, but the point is there is no story to be invested in, just one deathmatch after another. Is the gameplay fun? Sure! But it's the characters and story that make Star Wars special.

Another thing to note: The old LucasArts Battlefront games had their own skirmish maps called Instant Action. These maps were more-or-less what DICE did, the difference being that it's merely one mode in the old games and the entire package in the new one. It does leave something to be desired. But if DICE insists on keeping the new Battlefront an online-only deathmatch-fest, then maybe the other games on this list can fill in the need for Star Wars lore.


Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

By: LucasArts

At first glance, this game may look bland. But remember, it was released back in the early days of the Nintendo 64 and boy was it ambitious for its day.  It takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as protagonist Dash Rendar.

He's a mercenary, AKA not a Jedi. Unlike Kyle Katarn, he remains not-a-Jedi. This seems pretty rare in Star Wars games, as Jedi are really popular. That's what the suggestion of a comeback focuses on; A Star Wars game that focuses on someone who isn't a Jedi.

Remember that game everyone was super hyped about, Star Wars 1313? It wasn't supposed to feature a Jedi. In fact, it followed Boba Fett in his younger years in sector 1313 of Coruscant. A real seedy underbelly tale of the grittier side of Star Wars. No high adventure and Force using in this title. But as many of us know, 1313 got canceled.

Shadows of the Empire, along with Dash Rendar, proved that a game NOT featuring a Jedi could work, and very well at that. Shadows of the Empire was the third top-selling Nintendo 64 game of 1997 next to 007 GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64.  Come on Disney, Rogue One showed that it doesn't need to always be a Jedi, it's time to let those wings out again.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

By: LucasArts/Magellan Interactive

Star Wars: Republic Commando was an awesome first-person shooter that went above and beyond the typical FPS model. First of all, you played as an elite squad of Clone Troopers called Delta Squad. You played as the leader, codenamed Boss, and you command a squad of specialists. Each squad member is good at specific things, and your role, aside from shoot the bad guys, is to command your squad to tactfully take out your enemies.

First of all, you played as an elite squad of Clone Troopers called Delta Squad. You played as the leader, codenamed Boss, and you command a squad of specialists. Each squad member is good at specific things, and your role, aside from shoot the bad guys, is to command your squad to tactfully take out your enemies.

First-person shooters today can't even achieve what this game did in 2005. It really did feel like a squad, as opposed to a one-man-army. Today, developers seem to take the shortcut of making a squad made of other players. While multiplayer may be a plus for some, others can immediately see the problems that would arise and would prefer an NPC squad with good AI that you have total control over.

Republic Commando takes place during the climax of the film Attack of the Clones, making the clones look much more fleshed out than they do in the movie series. It's a story, or at least a playstyle, that Star Wars and video game fans alike have been clamouring for from the FPS sector.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

By: BioWare/EA

Oh 2003, you hold a very special place in this writer's heart. It was the year we were blessed with the presence of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Set thousands of years before the prequel movies, BioWare was free to essentially do whatever they wanted with KOTOR.

The first game was about a hero that rose to become a Jedi and save the galaxy from Darth Revan. At least, that's the non-spoiler version. Knights of the Old Republic 2 was like the first one, but with better skills, more manageable gameplay, and an even better story. One of the stars, Kreia, will always have a place in my heart as one of the most philosophical characters in a video game.

Then EA had the wonderful idea of turning the franchise into an MMORPG. Truth be told, I couldn't care less about MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's pretty, it's got that Star Wars look, it has great NPC characters that BioWare is known for... But it plays like an MMO and that's a no-go for many players.

Knights of the Old Republic needs a comeback. Enough TOR expansions. Bring the simple player tabletop-like adventure back! We haven't had one of these since before Mass Effect and if they applied any of their technology and know-how from the Mass Effect series, it would be an instant success.

There are plenty more Star Wars games that should make a comeback. But this was just a list of five that we thought really deserved it.

In fact, many of these games were made back before their potential could really be reached or appreciated. With the technological advances we've made since their initial releases, comebacks from these titles could really take the gaming community by storm.

So Disney, do us a favor. Get to work on bringing these amazing titles back, and we'll get to work buying them.

Published Feb. 1st 2017



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