Star Fox Wii U Coming in 2015

New Star Fox game set for release in 2015.

Nintendo has announced that its Star Fox Wii U game will be set for release sometime in 2015.

Nintendo of America tweeted on Monday the upcoming schedule for Wii U releases through 2015

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Since its inception in 1993, the series has endured enough success over the years, despite not having an original game release since Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS in 2006, and the first Star Fox game released in general since Star Fox 64 3D in 2011.

The new game will feature the complete gamepad and TV screen interface of the Wii U. It will include a cockpit view on the gamepad to explore the world from Fox’s eyes, as well as the classic Star Fox view on the TV screen.

Nintendo’s Developer Shigeru Miyamoto said via a hands-on Q&A with GameSpot that he had considering partnering with an external development studio to help support the project. But Miyamoto has also assured fans that he will be “directly in charge of the project” regardless of what STUDIO Nintendo partners with on this projects.

With the new gamepad interface, players can instantly switch between the Arwing, the Landmaster, and a new helicopter-like vehicle that has never before made its debut in a Star Fox game.

Other games announced for release in 2015 along with the new unnamed Star Fox Wii U game include:

  •     Splatoon
  •     Yoshi's Woolly World
  •     Mario Maker
  •     Project Giant Robot
  •     Kirby and the Rainbow House
  •     Project Guard
  •     Xenoblade Chronicles X
  •     Zelda Wii U

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Published Sep. 6th 2014

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