Destiny 2 Expansion-- Curse of Osiris-- Revealed With Release Date

Destiny 2's first expansion-- Curse of Osiris-- is set to release on December 5th.

Today, at Sony's Paris Game's Week keynote, details on Destiny 2's first expansion was revealed. It was given a name-- Curse of Osiris-- a release date-- December 5-- and a shiny trailer, which is the header for this article.

Despite the PC port of Destiny 2 only releasing recently, this expansion is set to release simultaneously across all platforms. It should also be noted that Curse of Osiris is only available as an expansion bundle for $34.99 along with the as yet undetailed second expansion.

In this trailer, a Vex threat via a gate on Mercury is announced. The lore behind Osiris is also fleshed out as it goes into brief detail about his accomplishments as one of the greatest guardians to have ever lived, his downfall and subsequent exile. Despite Osiris' exile, he is the only one armed with enough knowledge to adequately handle this threat and thus the expansion's setup is made clear: you need to find Osiris.

The trailer also has some interesting details. For instance, it is said, "An army of past and future machines," which seemingly opens up a lot of avenues for potential new enemy designs. Osiris, who seems to bear influences from his namesake: Osiris, the god of the dead from Egyptian mythology, is also seen fighting alongside a unique Ghost, which could also hint at something larger.

While this is an enticing first look at the expansion, it will be interesting to see what exactly is contained in this expansion as time goes on.  Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Destiny 2 news and updates. 

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Published Oct. 30th 2017

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