League T-Shirt Design Contest

New art contest for League of Legends! Draw your favorite champ in their off time.

J!NX is hosting a t-shirt design contest with help from Riot Games for all the artists out there amongst you summoners.  The theme this time is easy enough.  What does your favorite League of Legends champion do when they are not battling on the Fields of Justice?

Draw your favorite champion enjoying their off-time and submit it, with just a few guidelines.

Use the submission kit on J!NX's site, don't just email it in.  Make sure the piece is recognizable, nothing too abstract.  Keep your submissions family-friendly (yes I know what Ahri's lore says, you can find places for that kind of art elsewhere).  Don't be crude even if keeping a submission technically family-friendly.  Toeing the line will not earn any points with Riot's staff.

Summoners will need to have two versions of their art.  You'll need one 150x150 pixel thumbnail-style image and one that's 900 wide by 533 tall, with the larger in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

The grand prize winner will get five copies of the eventual shirt with their winning entry on it along with every legendary skin currently available in the store, as well as some stylish swag from J!NX.  Get drawing, summoners.  The League of Legends needs to show off its leisure hours!

Published Feb. 24th 2013

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