Sims 4 Expansion Has Players Get to Work

EA has released its first expansion game for Sims 4. Sims 4: Get To Work provides players three new career choices and new additional features.

The Sims 4 expansion game is now available. In Sims 4: Get To Work, players can pick various occupations for their Sims. Sims can become doctors, scientists, or business owners. 

The expansion also features two new skills. Sims now have the ability to learn photography and baking. There is also a new feature in Create-A-Sim. Players can create and customize their own Alien Sim.

In order to play the expansion game, you have to have a base copy of the Sims 4. There are currently two versions of Sims 4 available for purchase. The Digital Deluxe Edition, which features exclusive bonus content, is available for $69 for PC and Mac, and it's only available on Origin. The regular edition of the game is priced at $59. There is also an add-on available for the game called The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat, which can be purchased for $19.

The picture showing the new careers in Sims 4


Sims 4 Get To Work is available for $39 on Origin for PC and Mac.


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Published Jun. 17th 2020
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I still question whether 4 will ever be as interesting as 3 in terms of what Sims can do and social interaction. The whole mood thing is a nice addition to the series, but going back to loading individual homes instead of loading it all at once made the game way less dynamic than TS3.

    In a lot of ways, TS4 feels like a step backward. At least it has an extensive character creator and doesn't take forever to load, I guess?

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