New Info Revealed For Titanfall

Video revealing Titanfall details of weapons, maps, story and MONSTERS.

IGN has gotten a hold of The Art of Titanfall book before its February 25th release and found what's coming on Titanfall's March 11th launch. Revealing the details of weapons, maps, story and the monsters... yes, MONSTERS, of Titanfall.

Map details that were shown in the beta over the weekend are in the actual game. The book details such maps as Colony, Boneyard, Corporate, Overlook, Nexus, Airbase, Outpost 207, Lagoon, and a lore-focused planet called Demeter, aka The Red Giant.

The book tells of Outpost 207 and gives insight into how Titanfall's narrative will be intertwined with the multiplayer gameplay.

This may be the backdrop of where firefights will take place against according to the book text.

  • Lagoon was once a tranquil place, until an IMC megacarrier crashed into the middle of it, resulting in a tight and confined arena.
  • Overlook is similar, but it's a prison complex designed to hold Militia prisoners of war.
  • Corporate is the Hammond Corporation's headquarters, and looks sleak and modern.
  • Colony features a crashed carrier that's been out of IMC's reach for quite a long time.
  • Boneyard is set on the Planet Leviathan in the Badlands System. The planet named for its local fauna and huge monsters that drove off the IMC. Their skeletal remains provide the background for the world. The book shows art of the IMC battling local flying creatures, while Leviathans disappear into the clouds.
  • Airbase is the distant moon of Demeter. It has giant sonic emitters to keep local wildlife away. It's designed as a gameplay environment to give Titans a tactical superior high "hill" to hold.

The book has loads of art for Nexus which is on the Planet Harmony, which has a strong mechanical edge. The map was originally planned to feature a huge space elevator that ferried cargo out of the atmosphere, but was ditched for a more terrestrial background.

Weapons are revealed in the book with their details. The Arc Cannon looks set to fire bolts of lightning that can hit multiple targets and is a short-range, high-damage weapon. For range and accuracy, The Rail Gun shoots pure plasma and boasts high damage. The Avenger appears to be the Chaingun under a different name perhaps. There is also a section on vehicles that has unseen tech including Drones and Gorilla Tanks.

Watch the video for more information and to see some of these marvels for yourself.

Don't forget The Art of Titanfall will be available on February 25th, so pick up a copy. Titanfall launches on March 11th for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Published Feb. 18th 2014

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