The 5 Best Free Android Games in 2017

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Mobile games exist in an odd space. They're often looked down upon by more "serious" console and PC gamers as being "casual". It's not hard to see where this perception comes from -- not only do mobile games need to be smaller in size than those on other platforms, but they also have to adhere to a touch-only control scheme. The end result is that they tend to be simpler in comparison to console games.

The thing is, though, this perception evaluates mobile games as console games. Most AAA console releases are trying to get you immersed in the game's world, or tell a compelling story. Mobile games (with a few exceptions) aren't trying to do that. Often times, when it comes to mobile, simplicity is the goal. With all these games literally at our fingertips, mobile games run on a "pick up and play" policy. They're meant to be accessible, fun, and (more often than not) free.

But the proliferation of the mobile market also means that there are a lot of bad games to sort through before you find the really good ones. Luckily, we've done the work for you. From the vast library of mobile entertainment available to you, here are five Android picks worth checking out.

Published Jun. 13th 2017

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