The 5 Best Free Android Games in 2017

4. Skullgirls Mobile

Skullgirls Mobile is another recent fighting game adaptation that has many similarities to Injustice, but also many differences. Its cartoonish aesthetic, for example, feels much more suited to mobile devices than the faux-realistic (and demanding) graphics of Injustice. 

Skullsgirls Mobile has a full story mode, complete with a branching map that lets you pick between higher risk and reward missions, or playing it safe. It also lets you customize your characters in several ways, including via skill trees and unlocking new moves. As for the actual gameplay, it has surprising depth for a mobile game -- so much, in fact, that another writer here at GameSkinny called it a perfect example of mobile ports done right. There are still only a handful of possible inputs, but the combos you can execute are fairly robust.

Published Jun. 13th 2017

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