The 5 Best Free Android Games in 2017

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1. Leap Day

Arguably the most important aspect of a mobile game is longevity. In a good mobile game, I look for a simple but fun experience that I can sink an indefinite amount of time into and not get bored with it. And what better fits that description than a game that you'll never run out of content for?

Technically, you'll eventually run out of levels to play in Leap Daybut you'll only have to wait till midnight to have another one available. The game literally gets a new (and decently-sized) level every single day. Granted, most levels are randomly generated with sections copied from older levels, but Nitrome is constantly adding new features to keep things from getting stale.

The gameplay couldn't be simpler, because the only button is jump. But enough is going on around you that you won't get bored. I could go on and on about how much fun you can get out of this game, but... it's past midnight where I am. I have a new level to play.

That wraps up our list! What are some of your favorite Android games? Did I miss any big ones? Let me know in the comments!

Published Jun. 13th 2017

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