Shenmue 3 Trophies Not Showing? Here's Why

Shenmue 3 trophies exist. You just have to coax them out of hiding.

Shenmue 3 trophies aren't like those for other games. Most PS4 games automatically populate their trophy lists when you play them. You go to your trophy menu, and there they are.

That's not the case with Shenmue 3. Understandably, this has led some players, including myself, to wonder if Shenmue 3 has trophies at all. 

Rest assured that it does. For Shenmue 3's trophy list to populate, you have to earn a trophy first. For most players, this will be "Regular Shopper," which tasks you with buying 10 items at a shop. It's by far the easiest one to get. 

Once you do that, you can navigate to the PS4's trophy menu and see all of the trophies Shenmue 3 has to offer. At a glance, it looks like some will be a tad difficult to get. Catch 1,000 fish? Oi vey! 

Interestingly, once you unlock the list, you'll also see three additional lists appear. These are for Shenmue 3's planned DLC. They include the Story Quest Pack, the Big Merry Cruise Pack, and the Battle Rally Pack. Currently, we don't have any information on the story pack right now. 

Shenmue 3 trophies exist, and they seem a like a bit of a pain. Though, I'm interested to see how many players actually platinum it, and I may eventually be one of them. 

Shenmue 3 is currently out on PC through the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation 4. Our review of the game will be coming early next week. Be sure to check out our other Shenmue 3 guides while you wait! 

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Published Nov. 22nd 2019

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