Path of Exile: The Awakening Trailer

Path of Exile's expansion, The Awakening gets a launch trailer ahead of its July 10th release date.

Grinding Gear Games' fantastic Path of Exile graced our PCs in 2013 and for many people it was the Diablo III that we wanted. Regardless of your dungeon crawler gaming history however, Path of Exile was a huge, deep and beautiful game that was entirely free to play with ethical micro-transactions. It received critical claim across the board and its third expansion The Awakening is now due for release on July 10th 2015.

This is only a part of the original skill tree

One of the most impressive things about the original game was its completely insanely huge skill tree that looked intimidating to even the most experienced roleplayer. The Awakening adds not only Act IV to the main game but also expands upon the already enormous skill tree.

If you have never played Path of Exile then you have missed out on a wonderful and entirely free experience that is almost as much fun to play alone as it is with friends. With the addition of Act IV and an even more impressive skill tree than ever, July 10th seems like a good day to give Path of Exile a try. Download it on Steam and let is know how you get on with that skill tree.


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Published Jun. 30th 2015

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