ArcheAge Closed Beta Registration Now Open in The West

Time to put on your sandbox pants, it's almost ArcheAge time!

Are you ready for the massive sandbox world of ArcheAge? You don't have to be just yet, but the game's closed beta is on the horizon. Registrations are now open for the Trion Worlds-published sandbox MMO, and they can be accessed on the official site.

For those uninitiated, ArcheAge was developed by XL Games under the watchful eye of the original Lineage developer, Jake Song. The game's primary draw is the massive amount of sandbox elements that create a persistent, player-created world. Players can farm, create non-instanced housing, build castles, sail, and more. There really is a lot of stuff for players to participate in and create, which is what makes the game unique.

ArcheAge saw its Korean release in January after seven years of development. Trion Worlds picked up international publishing rights for a Western release soon after and will handling the game in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The closed beta registration is open to players within those regions.

Below are a few videos showing some of the features found in ArcheAge so you have an idea of what you could be getting yourself into. Be sure to sign up for closed beta on the official site and check out the game's Facebook page for periodic info!

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Published Jun. 12th 2013
  • Nicole_2108
    I am so excited for open beta! been waiting for 3 years and it's gonna be worth it :D

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