Ragnarok Will Soon Descend on Northgard in New, Free Update

Northgard is set to release a big update in the coming month. Here's what we know about Ragnarok.

Since its release on Steam Early Access back in 2017, Northgard has received steady updates from developer Shiro Games. Whether it was the game's highly-anticipated multiplayer component or new clans such as Bjarki or Slidrugtanni, Northgard has steadily improved over its lifespan and has sold 800,000 copies to date. 

While Shiro shipped the Snake Clan DLC back in July, the developers have just revealed that something else has also been in the works and will soon arrive to ravage the shores of Northgard: Ragnarok. 

Although we don't currently have a firm release date for the free DLC, we do know a little about what the update will include.

For starters, there will be a new map devastated only by what the developers call a "cataclysm." Though vague by itself, it's clear that resources won't be easy to come by; regions of the map will sparse of food and lumber and new tiles will introduce creative obstacles. 

The map will also introduce new events, such as invasions by metaphysical enemies, as well as previously uncovered secrets and a new faction, the Mythkälfer. 

However, one of the more intriguing elements will be the update's addition of the Military Paths battle mechanic. This essentially acts as a relatively small revision to the game's battle mechanics, where players can unlock new talents by filling up an experience bar. There will be three paths, each of which will have its own pros and cons. 

There is currently no release date for the Ragnarok update. However, since sources have said it was to originally release by the "end of September," it's safe to say its release is just around the corner. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Northgard's Ragnarok update as it develops, as well as our Ragnarok beta impressions in the coming days. 

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Published Oct. 2nd 2018

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