Neko Ghost, Jump! Set to Release in Summer, Demo Out Now

Plane-hopping platformer Neko Ghost, Jump! is on the way following a successful 2020 Kickstarter.

It's not often a game comes along that allows you to shift from the 2D to 3D plane, which is what the upcoming indie platformer Neko Ghost, Jump! is all about. And now you can try it out yourself with its new demo.

Platformer fans may be best familiar with shifts from 2D to 3D from Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, but in Neko Ghost, Jump! players will have to actively switch between 2D and 3D views to solve puzzles and progress through the game's eight biomes.

Why? To save Nekoman's bride-to-be from Space Dog Pirates using your plane-swapping prowess and the ability to shift from physical to ghost form, of course. And look snazzy doing it with an assortment of character customization options to unlock through gameplay.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is the product of two years of dedication, the original bones for its development team cobbled together for Epic Games' 2019 Spring #ue4jam and the game funded by a successful Kickstarter in 2020.

Try out this passion project's demo on Steam, which includes the game's first level as well as first boss to see if you like it, and look for its full release sometime this summer.

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Published Apr. 14th 2021

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