Razer Joins Living Room Streaming

Razer in your Living Room with Forge, Serval, and Turret.

A new challenger has appeared in the battle for a space in your living room. 

Joining Valve, Nvidia and a whole slew of other companies, Razer has decided to throw their own product into the ring to compete for living room dominance.

Razer, a hardware company known for its keyboards and mice, has created a streaming device called Forge TV. The device will run for $100 dollars and will output 1080p at 60fps. 

Forge TV is at its heart a streaming device, so owners do have to own a PC to stream a game. The device will use Razer's own streaming software, Razer Cortex, that will use the PC as a host device, and then encode the game and send it over the local network to Forge TV.

Forge TV runs on an Android based OS with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The device will come with only 16GBs of internal storage (since it is just a streaming device) and 2GBs of RAM. It comes with Bluetooth capabilities, wireless capabilities already onboard, as well as a port for an ethernet cable.

Along with announcing Forge TV, Valve also announced two peripherals that can be used with the device to play on the couch: Razer Turret and Razer Serval.

Serval is a controller reminiscent of the classic Xbox 360 controller with Android navigational buttons. The device is compatible with Forge TV, PC, mobile phones (it comes with a phone clip) and tablets. The controller can be purchased as a bundle with Forge TV for $150, otherwise it is priced at $80.

Turret is a keyboard and 3500 DPI mouse designed to sit on your lap. The mouse stays on the keyboard through magnets. The device supports bluetooth and wireless connectivity and will run you $130.

Both Forge TV and Serval are slated to release sometime in Q1 of 2015 while the Turret is slated to release in Q2 of 2015. 

Published Jan. 9th 2015

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