E3 2017: Sony Predictions

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Well, we've reached the end of our 2017 E3 Predictions but we've saved the biggest for last. All bias and fanboyism aside, Sony has owned E3 every single year since the PS4 emerged in 2013. The company has been on a hot streak like nothing ever seen in the industry before.

This year Sony has a lot more of their cards already on the deck, so it might not be a hugely surprising show like the past two years. That's not to say it won't be an exciting show, on the contrary it will be a fascinating one! Last year Sony revealed Resident Evil 7, Days Gone, Spider-Man, God of War, and lots more. And this year, we're set to see a lot more of these titles and possibly get some release dates.

Of course, there will definitely be a couple of surprises as well. So, for the last time this year, get hyped!! 

Published Jun. 11th 2017

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