Why I'm addicted to NBA 2K16

What keeps me coming back for more NBA 2K.

For me, every end of September means one thing: I have to buy NBA 2K. What has me hooked on this game is not necessarily competing with others online, but it's what 2K Sports provides in single-player content.

As you have probably noticed, my profile picture is of MyPlayer. NBA 2K16 has done what almost all other games haven't been able to do, in terms of immersion. This draws me into the game so much more, as I'm able to see the digital version of myself. While the real-life me isn't a basketball god, playing MyCareer lets me live that fantasy.

However, my favorite mode has to be MyGM. I don't see to many people on social media play this mode for their videos, but I think it is one of the best game modes for a litany of reasons. The first being customization. Before you even get started, you can customize the NBA any way you want. If that means replacing the current Raptors for the 2000 Raptors with Vince Carter, you can do that. Being able to pit LeBron James versus Michael Jordan in the playoffs is something of fantasy, yet NBA 2K16 makes it a reality. 

Another feature MyGM has that makes it enjoyably re-playable is the variation between success and failure. When taking over a team, many things could happen. Players want to be traded, players get hurt, your team owner is on the verge of firing you. Being able to adapt to these events is something that keeps me on my toes and wanting more.

To be honest, by the time summer rolls around and the NBA season is over, I will still be on NBA 2K16, building the best team to face all of the mega-teams. 


Hello everyone! My name is J.E. Farmer, and I'm a student at ASU. Also, I'm of course a gamer.

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Published Oct. 19th 2015

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