GTA V Collector's Edition Comes with Guns, Outfits, and...Parents?

Rockstar sweetens it's Collectors Edition with...dads...

Rockstar dropped a (somewhat awkwardly worded) press release about Grand Theft Auto V's Collector's Edition yesterday, revealing all the bonus content packaged up in it, including the ability to play as the lovechild of Nico Bellic or other GTA luminaries. 

That's right, apparently GTA Online, the additional multiplayer content that will come free with any copy of GTA V but won't launch until October, will let players build characters based on hereditary traits they inherit from their parents, and Collector's Edition owners will be the able to select former player characters like Claude or Nico (from GTA III and IV respectively) as their fathers.

The press release also provided some additional details on the online add-on, revealing that players will build daily schedules for their characters that will improve their skills even when they're not actively playing. While we're not sure how activities like "family time" or "couch potato hours" will improve our ability to engage in hyper-murder or jack expensive cars, the idea of passively improving our characters via a custom schedule is an interesting one.

Additionally, the Collector's Edition comes with a high-caliber pistol and a bullpup shotgun, as well as some new aesthetic options for decking out the three protagonists from the single player game. Your $150 also nets you some new vehicles, an extra garage, and some extra buffs and challenges.

GTA V launches on September 17th.

Published Aug. 27th 2013
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