Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater Open For Pre-Registration

Mobile puzzle game Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater will go global after a successful launch in Japan, and fans can already pre-register!

Sanrio and SEGA Networks announced that their new mobile game, Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater, will go global following a very successful launch in Japan. 

Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater follows Hello Kitty and her friends as they act out well-beloved fairy tales in the theater. The players takes on the role of the stage director, who must match identical puzzle pieces as they fall from the top of the screen in order to advance the character's story. Once a character's story has been fully unlocked, it can be viewed again in full in story mode. 

Only one character's story is available at the start of the game. More characters can be unlocked through Fantasy Theater auditions. Each character has its own unique tale, and a unique skill that can be activated to assist the player during the game. 

Pre-registration for Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater is open now. Players who pre-register will receive a special in-game character called Kuromi in addition to other exclusive rewards.

Be sure to pre-register soon if you're interested! Happy kitty and fairy tale collecting! 


Published Jul. 17th 2016

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