According to Crytek Xbox One Cloud Could Help Animators

Crytek is working on making the Cloud faster and easier.

At the Develop Conference in Brighton, UK last week, the possible benefits of Xbox Cloud were discussed.

Cloud support enables developers to focus on game design.  But in the past complaints have been made regarding Cloud's processing capability.  The main complaint was lack of use during time-sensitive activities.  However it has proven to be useful when processes do not need to be worked through on the dot. See below for an animation of Cloud at work:

 "The stuff animators do is the very tip of the system's running to make the character ," said Mark Jackson, technical animation director at Crytek.  He went on to say,"...any animation, whatever the player is currently doing, that's probably 30 animations blended together and subsystems on top of that...".  He also went on to explain most of the things people think are animation are really lots of code running in the background.  Cryteck is searching for ways to make Cloud easier and faster.

Currently Creytek UK is working on Homefront: The Revolution.


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Published Jul. 15th 2014

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