Journey leads the DICE Award nominations

The DICE award nominees are in, and Journey leads the pack with 11 nominations

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences released its nominees for this year's DICE Awards, and who would have guessed that Journey would lead the pack?

With 11 nominations, Journey by Thatgamecompany out-shined every other game on this year's list. It's possible awards include Outstanding Innovation in Gaming, Outstanding Achievement in Story, and of course, Game of the Year. Journey stands out from its peers in the Game of the Year category because it's the only non-violent video game, and other than The Walking Dead game by Telltale, it's the only non-shooter. It also stands out from the crowd as being the only indie game in the Game of the Year category. And if that weren't enough it's the only game that doesn't stem from an existing franchise.

The other games nominated for Game of the Year are also well deserved. Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft out did the previous Far Cry games but kept the same flavor with its multiplayer and custom maps. The Walking Dead by Telltale offered players a new realm of interactive storytelling. 2K Games Borderlands 2's art style and madcap mechanics reintroduced us to shoot'em-up fun. And lastly, XCOM: Enemy Unknown also by 2K defines futuristic, urban warfare.

Catch all the DICE award nominees on the official list, and let us know which ones you think should win.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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