Steam Shows Users Just How Many Support Requests They Get

Steam recently unveiled the Steam Support Stats page, which shows just how many requests it gets each day. The number might surprise you.

While Steam is a beloved publisher to PC gamers worldwide, some users have complained about Steam Support for quite some time. Seeing as the publisher reached a record 14 million concurrent users earlier this year, it's no doubt that the people at Steam have had their hands full for quite some time. Earlier this week, Steam announced a support update as well as a page where users can track Steam's support statistics.

According to Steam's blog post, they've made some changes to make support more user friendly for its gamers and additionally allocated more human bodies to assist users seeking support.

"We overhauled our support site, we’ve built better integrated tools, we no longer require a separate account to contact support, and we’ve increased our support staffing. We’ve also fixed as many bugs as possible and have provided new self-service options where they make sense."

In an effort to be more transparent to its users and to show that their efforts to improve support are having an impact, Steam launched its Support Stats page. By looking at the page, users can see how Steam Support handles about 75,000 requests on average for each 24 hour cycle, with about 8,000 requests awaiting response each day.

A screenshot taken from the Steam Support Stats page

While this may not be helpful for any of the users still awaiting support for past requests, it does show the incredible volume of requests that Steam receives and handles. It may encourage Steam Support to stay on top of requests as well, seeing as users will be able to see if they are slacking.

"We hope you’ll find the new support stats page interesting and that you’ll keep letting us know what your experiences with Steam Support are. We know that reducing wait times and backlogs is not enough on its own, and we’re also committed to continuing to improve the quality of each interaction."

"We’ve been continuously investing in staffing, training, and process improvements to that end," it says at the conclusion of the blog post, "and while we believe we’ve made progress we know there is always more work to be done."


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Published May. 7th 2017

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