The best seeds for a 'peaceful' Minecraft experience (with lots of resources)

For all those people who like to build the hard way, here's an assortment of seeds that help you make the most of 'Peaceful' mode.

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For all the attention that Minecraft’s mobs get, the ability to kill enemies in a game is hardly unique. There’s a literal ton of games out there that specialize in offering their players the ability to unleash death in a variety of flashy, fun ways. Quite honestly, compared to, say, Call of Duty’s pinpoint kills or Assassin’s Creed’s savage brutality, Minecraft’s old school hack and slash tactics are downright boring.

No, Minecraft is not a gaming revolution because it makes murder fun. It’s an icon because it allows people the ability to build and create on their own terms. For some, though, simply building with endless resources (a la ‘Creative’ Mode) isn’t enough; collecting materials is part of the joy, too. That’s why there are some people who prefer to opt out of the combat (and ‘Creative’ mode) entirely. Those people play the game on ‘Peaceful,’ Minecraft’s easiest difficulty. Come on, now, there’s no shame in it. 

There’s actually a handful of mods out there designed to help improve the ‘Peaceful’ experience. The Peacefulpack Mod allows players to gather materials that normally only drop from the corpses of vanquished foes (so you never have to luck into gunpowder!). If you happen to want a slightly more difficult ‘Peaceful’ experience (which kind of defeats the point, but to each their own), then check out the Harder Peaceful Mod, which kills the automatic health and hunger regeneration.

For those people who like to create the hard way, we have assembled this list of fantastic ‘Peaceful’ seeds.

All tested on Minecraft 1.8.8

Ravine Near Spawn Makes For Easy Resources

Minecraft seed with easily accessible cavern.

Seed: -1788533190

When you’re playing Minecraft on ‘Peaceful,’ gathering resources is the top priority … okay, it’s really the only priority. If you want to get to building without all the hassle of tromping around strange environs, then check this seed out.

You’ll spawn in a dense forest, feet from a deep cavern. So, right away, you’ve got a nearly endless supply of lumber and quick access to coal, stone, and several minerals. If your Minecraft goal is to get working on your master design right away, this is the place to start.

Strongholds & Ravines As Far As the Eye Can See

Minecraft seed for fans of ice and/or subterranean building

Seed: 7352190906321318631

For the subterranean type, this Minecraft seed is the tops. Just spitting distance from the spawn is a truly expansive ravine, complete with an old library and several intersecting strongholds.

You’ll have to spend some time exploring to get the most of this seed, but if you want to adapt a stronghold to your purposes (or construct a citadel on the seed’s relatively flat surface), then take some time to check this guy out.

The Perfect Tree House Seed

Minecraft seed for fans of excellent tree houses.

Seed: -740566427

Just a short distance from the spawn is a small, but well-appointed village, that's surrounded on all sides by a dense forest. People who are down to break and enter should check out the blacksmith’s house for some easy diamonds.

Armed with the diamonds, you’ve got pretty much all you need to get going on a seriously dynamite tree house. There are trees for days, so those people content to use charcoal and primarily wooden utensils (outside your initial diamond score, of course), should have everything they need to build to their heart’s content.

Build Your Suspended Dream Home

Minecraft seed that spawns near an abandoned mine.

Seed: -8634370755224343181

Far be it for us to suggest how you spend your Minecraft time, but here’s a seed that simply begs you to build something suspended over a chasm. That’s because right at your spawn is an abandoned mineshaft with the beginnings of a truly spectacular partially submerged mansion.

If that’s not your thing, feel free to plumb the depths of the shaft and then stake your claim on the plains-heavy surface of the seed. The seed’s gently rolling hills are the perfect place to build a farm or raise some horses (or both).

Get A Jump On Your Reading List

Minecraft seed for the expert spelunker.

Seed: -7951290959710380792

It’s a good idea to stock up on torches and ladders before heading into the abyss that’s just west of the spawn. It’s dark, windy, and the chances are good that once you get down there, you’ll never really want to leave.

A short distance into the cavern is a massive old library, a good place to stock up on literature without having to harvest a whole bunch of cane. A short distance through the dark is a stronghold that’s worth poking around, too.

Steve of the Jungle

Minecraft seed for the bold at heart who don't mind a short walk to paradise.

Seed: -6114657262860776306

Okay, no ravines or mines right at the start. Heck, you even have to do some walking if you want to get the most from this seed. It also helps to want to make your mark on the world by building a jungle-themed tree house or carving a fortress out of a mountainside (just for some architectural ideas).

At the spawn, turn 180 degrees and start moving south. You’ll have to navigate an incredibly cool, sprawling jungle that’s dotted with sand bars. It’s the perfect landscape for gathering both wood and sand (aka, glass). Before too long you’ll the jungle will butt up against a mountain range that should supply you with all the iron and coal you could want.

Little Mine on the Prairie

Minecraft seed that spawns players on flat land near a deep ravine.

Seed: -2472569073260569022

Okay, here’s one for the homesteaders. 

At the spawn, head right along the coast until you see the large rock formation pictured above. Walk towards that and you should hit the ravine at some point in between (be careful you don’t walk into the gorge). Admittedly, there are better ravines on this list. It’s not a terribly extensive specimen, but it’s still got a good array of valuable minerals (as well as a few good lava flows).

Farmers will enjoy the extensive tracts of open land with tons of animal varieties, as well as the ample nearby supply of trees, concrete, and sand.

A Stone Artisan’s Playground

Minecraft seed that offers players a bounty of stone.

Seed: 94746189 

For those who prefer concrete as their medium, this seed should sate all your needs. There’s not a whole lot of flat territory near the spawn, but the natural pixelated beauty is enough to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. 

Even better, the expansive ravine near the spawn is awash with rare minerals, and there’s a convenient little deposit of stone right at the base of the ravine so you can stock up on housing materials right away with little hassle.

Can You Get Inside the Water Temple?

Minecraft seed for desert lovers; spawns near an underwater temple.

 Seed: 5471938065343108115 

Every once in a while, it’s fun to try and build your home on the waves. Sure, you have to transport everything 64 blocks at a time. Sure, you have to risk drowning just to build your ground floor. It’s a slow, merciless, arduous task, but the results are usually worth it.

In this seed, you spawn at the edge of a village, on the border between a vast ocean and a large patch of desert. The blacksmith is happy to supply some decent starting materials, and, some distance off the coast is a water temple that’s sure to test your exploration muscles when you get bored of the building. Can you plumb the depths without running out of air?

The Best Seed Here

 Seed: -5266416014843159109

So, it’s not typical to play favorites in these kinds of roundups, but this seed is the best of the bunch. Right at the spawn, you’re plunged into the midst of a wooden village whose blacksmith has a nice stash of diamonds. On one side of the village is deep, mineral-rich ravine that should keep you busy for a little a while on its merits alone. 

On the other side of the ravine is a forested mountain range that has enough raw resources to accommodate any architectural vision.

Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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