Indie Platformer Owlboy Release Date Announced

The flight-oriented indie platformer Owlboy has finally received a ballpark release date after nearly 10 years in development.

Owlboy, a pixelated flight-focused platformer from developer D-Pad Studio, has announced a general release window, after nearly 10 years in development.

According to D-Pad Studio's official website, Owlboy has been in development since 2007, and the studio has taken until now, nearly a decade later, to completely finish it.

Owlboy is described by the game's developers as a "high-bit adventure game," in relation to it's very detailed and high-quality pixel art. The game itself will focus on the story of Otus and his friends as they "explore a brand new world in the skies...." The gameplay will be centered around flight as well as the picking up and carrying of a variety of objects including non-playable characters.

The game is scheduled for release in fall of 2016 on Steam, but for those able to attend PAX West in Seattle next week, there will be a booth set up for Owlboy on September 5 at the Sasquatch Theatre at 2 p.m. with a playable demo of the game available to the public.

You can watch the trailer for Owlboy below:


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Published Aug. 26th 2016

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