Tell Nintendo Who You want as DLC with Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot

Nintendo wants you guys to vote for the next Super Smash Bros. character.

Nintendo wants your input on who the next fighter in Super Smash Bros. should be, starting today. After the company's Nintendo Direct presentation, anyone who logs onto the Super Smash Bros. website will see a voting ballot, asking for your opinions on the new character.

The ballot will end on October 3rd, and only one entry will be permitted per person. Visitors are asked for their favorite video game characters who aren't already in the game; Nintendo also wants a reason for why your character would make a great fighter.

If your plant-loving self really wants Petey Piranha to make another appearance, then go ahead and put in a vote for the big, less-than luscious flower. Also, technically the ballot does not place restrictions of Nintendo only characters (ahem, Sonic), so maybe even a ludicrous selection like Master Chief could, in theory, be made with enough votes. 


With the most recent character being Lucas, only with a little help from fans will Nintendo announce new characters. Get out there and vote.

In fact, vote early and vote often!


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Published Apr. 3rd 2015

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