Microsoft Conjures Up New Fable Trademark, Social Account

Microsoft is apparently busy with behind-the-scenes Fable work, but does a new Fable trademark point to a new Fable game too?

Rumors of a new Fable game have been going around for years, but there's good reason Fable rumors are picking up again. Not only does Microsoft has an intriguing Fable-related social media placeholder account up and running, but they've also renewed Fable trademarks recently with "intent to use" them.

The trademark news comes from IGN, while Tom Warren of The Verge spotted the social accounts earlier in the week.

The social media account in question is on Twitter, with "Placeholder" as the name and "Fable" as the tag. Warren noted an Xbox employee was the only follower for the account as well. But Microsoft responded and said fans shouldn't get their hopes up because the company routinely creates placeholders for its IP.

The day before Warren found the Fable Twitter account, Microsoft submitted a new trademark application for Fable. It's not a game trademark, though. This new Fable trademark is for accessories like speakers, headphones, and chargers. It's currently set to "no" for use, but "yes" for intent to use.

In other words, unlike those "cover your bases" trademarks we often see, Microsoft apparently has plans to put this trademark in effect at some point in the future for Fable-related merch.

Hopefully, we'll know if a new Fable game is in the cards later this month during Microsoft's big Xbox Series X showcase — the one where we'll see actual gameplay instead of snazzy cinematics only.

The original trademark story is on IGN if you're interested.


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Published Jul. 2nd 2020

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