Turtle Beach Becomes the Official Audio Partner of Twitch

Twitch and Turtle Beach are a match made in audio commentary heaven.

Turtle Beach, popular for its gaming headphones, is teaming up with Twitch.tv. This will make Turtle Beach the official audio partner for Twitch’s eSports and gaming events.

Turtle Beach will be supplying advanced tournament and broadcast products for eSports and gaming events held by Twitch, as stated by Turtle Beach CMO Bob Picunko.

What would this mean for the supplier of high quality gaming audio? This will give Turtle Beach exposure to the 34 million viewers on Twitch. The products to be featured by Twitch include the company's Ear Force XP Seven and Z Seven gaming headsets, and TM1 tournament mixer.

Twitch streams will be highlighted on Turtle Beach's website. Events include the MLG Pro Circuit, A Call of Duty Championship, and this year’s PAX Prime. Both companies seem to be mutually excited for partnership.

"We're proud to have them as our official audio partner," said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. "With the innovative features available in Turtle Beach's audio gear, anyone in the Twitch community will be able to easily broadcast their games and audio commentary with professional quality results."

Twitch is hoping to use the high end headphones to add a more professional touch to the events, which is always a plus in the competitive world of gaming. If you are also looking to add some of flair to your gaming commentary, you might want to fork over a couple hundred dollars. Turtle Beach ain’t cheap.

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Published May. 14th 2013
  • ClaydoKarate
  • McLain Anderson
    Awesome! I love Turtle Beach and have always bought my headsets from them in the past :) Awesome article Raven!

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