Disgaea, the next JRPG port, to grace Steam in January

PS2 SPRG Disgaea is bursting onto Steam in early 2016.

Did you skip console gaming during the PlayStation 2 era but enjoy JRPGs nonetheless? You may want to keep an eye on Steam January 2016 as the fan-favorite Disgaea makes its way to PC for the first time ever.

Disgaea PC is just one of many JRPGs finding their ways onto Steam as of late. Ports of the earlier Final Fantasy games, PlayStation 3 RPGs such as Valkyria Chronicles and the Neptunia series, and even lesser-known classics such as Grandia 2 are now on Valve's distribution platform.

Disgaea itself is unique among what's been ported by Japanese developers this year, in that it's an anime-style comedy strategy RPG. You don't see much in that genre on PC outside of Japan-only doujin games.

With a new port comes some new features. Disgaea has found its way on a number of platforms, and the version we're getting on PC isn't the same as the one we got on the PlayStation 2 all those years ago.

This release will contain the additional content added in the Afternoon of Darkness version of the game, as well as classic and modern UI options, plus native keyboard and mouse support.

Disgaea PC isn't the only Japanese-made RPG to be making it to Steam in January. Capcom's Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will be finding its way to PC that same month. If you've stuck to PC gaming, January's going to be a decent time to give some Japanese games a shot.

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Published Nov. 17th 2015

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