Goliath update -- Summertime Gnarkness ready for action!

Giant robots just got... gnarkier?!

Whalebox Studios released the first content update for their giant robot game -- Goliath this week. The "Summertime Gnarkness" DLC is available now to all game owners for free. It adds a whole slew of new goodies including, you guessed it, more Goliaths! 

In addition to the 4 new Goliaths, players can now customize their creations with "Epic Heads of Great Heroes" which will make them very epic indeed. Players can also create new epic weapons for their Goliaths and try them out in a brand new tournament called -- Gnark's Arena. If that's not enough challenge, players can also dive into the Dungeon of the Apocalypse, a new high level (30+) dungeon.

Goliath is a unique, open world, action role playing game. Characters level up and gain new abilities, but the primary focus is on running around smashing the life out of anything that moves. After crash landing on a mysterious world, players find themselves facing a host of evil dodo birds and other, equally deadly creatures.

In order to survive this hostile land, players will need to collect resources and build giant robots called Goliaths. They start out making them out of wood and work up to sturdier materials as the game progresses. Players will also craft all kinds of other devices including giant weapons for their Goliaths to use on the evil, terrible dodo birds. Gruesome!

Check out Goliath on the official website, then go out and smash some dodo heads. Seriously! -- Those things are scary; they hunt in packs. 

Published Jun. 22nd 2016
  • Jenifyr Kaiser
    I've enjoyed it as well. there is something whimsical and adventurous about it that is really entertaining.
  • Samuel Smith
    Featured Contributor
    Been having some good fun with the game the past few weeks and its exciting to see it is being actively added too.

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