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Check out this new information for Deep Down!

Though the PS4 is now out, it is hard to find one on the shelves. Perfect timing for one of the more anticipated titles that will be a PS4 exclusive to release more information.

Deep Down will be a free-to-play action RPG developed by Capcom. While dungeon crawls are nothing new, they seem to do pretty well. This might be true also for the unique memory based "memento" system that Capcom is implementing. 

Previously, Capcom confirmed a sword and shield class, along with a spear class. In a recent interview with Famitsu, Capcom and Sony confirmed that a two-handed great sword would also be in the game. The other interesting announcement has been more information on the memento system. While each dungeon will have it's own look, it will be for more then just appearances. Artifacts mementos will be able to be collected to improve weapons and armor based around that dungeon. 

The other information includes a helpful corpse looting system--when you perish in your dungeon crawl, if another player is exploring that dungeon at the same time, a copy of your corpse will be created in their dungeon. This allows that player to loot your corpse for helpful items. Perhaps with your death, they will not suffer the same fate. While this is nothing unique, as it was used in Dark Souls, it will help create an interesting and exciting experience. Also, you will be able to laugh at people when you find their corpse--I know I will. 

The recently released prologue trailer, along with the blurb, helps us piece together a bit more of the story line and helps the game make a bit more sense:

“The stage of the story is New York in 2094. A member of the Ravens with the ability to read the residual thoughts that dwell on items earns his livings by clarifying the story from archaeological sites of ancient cultures. At one point in an excavation in the Czech Republic some ruins from the late 15th century are found. The presence of a mysterious city and the memories of an ancient civilization can be found in the site. The hero receives the request to investigate the ruins and to read its memories.”


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Published Dec. 30th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I love those types of enemies that are basically giant mouths with sharp teeth and feet. lol
    It's interesting to me that it looks like a medieval future. =p
  • Marco.Bishop
    I think that is kind of the feel they are going for, I am not sure but mixing past with future seems to be a rising trend in games, the whole Steampunkish feeling is becoming pretty popular in games over the past few years.

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