Sparrow Racing League heading to Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny gets a twist you probably weren't expecting.

When gamers get so devoted to a game as interconnected as Destiny, they inevitably become bored with what the game wants them to do. So naturally when this happens, they have to find their own fun. I've occasionally run across a couple of Destiny players messing around on their Sparrows, and it seems the developers over at Bungie did too and got an idea. Enter the Sparrow Racing League.

During the PlayStation Experience Conference in San Francisco, Bungie showed off an exciting trailer for the new mode. Players can get in on the action later this week starting on December 8th. Unfortunately, the event is only temporary as it will run for only three weeks. 

The Sparrow Racing League features a six-player free-for-all race across a variety of enemy areas working as a quest that you can grab from Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

Quick Take: This isn't necessarily a revolutionary announcement, but the Sparrow Racing League sounds like a fun little diversion from the norm. I don't expect the racing itself to unseat the likes of Burnout, but it's yet another way for players to connect with their avatar. 

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Published Dec. 6th 2015

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