Splatoon Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Here is a Splatoon Makeup Tutorial for all the cosplayers out there.

Splatoon is very popular in my household, and I have fallen in love with the unique and varied squidkid designs. I'm currently planning a future Splatoon cosplay, and I thought I would walk you through my Splatoon inspired makeup tutorial.

Step 1: Moisturizing is important

While you can't see this step in the video tutorial, it's always important to make sure your face is hydrated before putting on makeup. You makeup will look and feel much nicer if you don't forget this step. If you are going to be wearing this makeup for a long time, you might want to invest in a makeup primer. (I use Smashbox.)

Step 2: Blank canvas

For that perfect cartoon complexion, I mixed a tiny bit of Mehron white foundation with my everyday foundation. This is going to cover up any redness in your skin, and give you a blank canvas to work with. You may consider using a foundation with dewy finish, since the Squidkids are shiny characters.

Step 3: Covering your eyebrows

The squidkids have varied brows, and for this look I went for a brow shape that was similar to my own. However if you wanted to completely block out your brows, you could cover them with stick glue, which is completely safe and won't ruin your eyebrows. However for sake of time, I skipped this step. On a spoolie brush I ran the white crème paint through my brows, and then completely covered them with NYX Jumbo pencil in the shade Milk.

Step 4: Fill in your brows

Using the Creative Me palette from Coastal Scents and an angled brush. I started filling in my eyebrows with a pink shade. Once I got the basic shape, I added the purple color to give the brows more depth.

Step 5: The domino mask

This is undoubtedly the most difficult part. So if you're like me, and you're afraid of drawing incorrect lines, start with a light color. I used Mehron paint in grey to get the shape that I wanted before I darkened it with black. This way if you make a mistake, it will be much easier to cover than if you had used black to begin with.

Once you've filled in the grey color, go over it with a liquid eyeliner in black or a black crème paint. Once darkened, set the eyeliner with a black eye shadow to prevent the makeup from sliding around. I used black eyeshadow from the ELF disney collection and the fallout was terrible. I would not recommend it. 

Step 6: Finishing touches

You may find that you had a lot of fallout from the eyeshadow, so you might want to go around the mask with the foundation again, just to clean up the edges.

There are really cool Splatoon cosplay hats on Etsy, though sticking to what I already had, I used a purple wig that I got from Amazon. You can pull back some of the wig, and leave the front out as if they are your tentacles.

Pop on some headphones and you have turned yourself into a squidkid.

Hopefully you find this tutorial helpful, and you can learn from some of my mistakes.

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Published Jun. 20th 2015
  • torimor
    Nice tutorial! I definitely want to try cosplaying an Inkling. I'm wondering if a really thickly applied layer of liquid eyeliner would be better than the paint? It ends up being a little thick for my liking and I think it would end up making my eyes look squinty. I've also had success with white eyeliner on my waterline for giving my eyes that big cartoony look in the past, I wonder how that would work with the black mask...now I have all kinds of ideas :P
  • KungFro
    I kind of want dope, purple eyebrows now.
  • Pip Simon
    Featured Contributor
    They are really cool! I've been trying out different colors since making this tutorial. You'll have fun if you try it.

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