Top 3 Black Ops 3 Specialists

The addiction of Specialists within Black Ops 3 was interesting enough, but who will be your favorite?

There was once a time, long, long ago, when soldiers in the Call of Duty games had no names and were killed off for sport. That time has long passed, however. Now, with the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, each player character is going to be a named Specialist with their own unique attributes, skin, and play style.

These Specialists, of which there are nine, can be chosen at the start of the game and may be swapped out depending on the style you intend to play in the multiplayer mode. Thanks to the Multiplayer Beta, people already have favorites, and here are the top three:


Outrider was one of the very first Specialists revealed by the developers, and she was available within the beta upon release. Armed with the deadly Sparrow, a compound bow, Outrider can fire off bolts that may increase in range depending on how long the player holds the fire button. Even better, upon impacting with an enemy player, the bolts fired from the Sparrow will explode.

Each Specialist has their own special ability. An Outrider's is Vision Pulse, an ability that creates a sonic pulse, of sorts, to ping the area around the player and reveal enemy players within a specific range. This could be quite useful when entering a close-quarters building.



Spectre is a mysterious, ninja-like individual dressed in all black with a high-tech helmet covering his visage. In what may be considered a setback to some, but an advantage to others, Spectre will boast twin blades, known as Ripper, that can be used to dissect enemies with ease. These, being melee weapons, must be used in close-quarters combat, though.

As for his special ability, Spectre comes stock with Active Camo. As the name would suggest, this allows the Specialist to become invisible, albeit temporarily, within the multiplayer map.


Reaper is a fan-favorite thanks to his robotic stature, the Gatling gun attached to his right arm, and his ability to create decoys of himself. The Gatling gun, named Scythe, turns his entire arm into a quad-barreled mini-gun. This will, obviously, fire off enough ammo with enough force to take down the most hardened of enemies in the game.

When it comes to a special ability, Reaper has the single best available. Psychosis, when activated, will create three decoys of the player, allowing them to get the jump on the enemy squad.

These are just three Specialists in the game. In total, there are nine, meaning everyone is going to have their own favorite in time. These three were chosen because the community showed the most interest in them upon announcement.

Which Specialist will you be playing when Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is released to the world?


Published Nov. 1st 2015

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