GameTrailers shuts down

Goodbye GameTrailers

GameTrailers announced today via Twitter that they would be shutting down operation.

For 13 years, the site provided users with video game reviews, previews, shows, and most importantly, trailers. 

GameTrailers Twitter

GameTrailers was created in 2002, just as the internet was becoming the medium of choice for video game marketing. Dull magazine covers were replaced with colorful internet clips, and the site soon emerged as one of the best resources to consume trailers.

But if progress brought its inception, the same can be said about its downfall.

The game has changed since then. In recent years, YouTube has emerged as the most biggest and most popular source for all videos, including video game trailers. 

In 2014, GameTrailers was purchased in by Defy Media, leading to a number of employees being laid off. The site's end was nearing. And yet, the recent announcement feels abrupt and awfully unexpected.  

One thing that is certain, however, is that they will be missed dearly. 

What are your favorite GameTrailers memories? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Jun. 17th 2020
  • KonstantinMKD
    I'll always respect them for giving the most accurate GOTY awards, unlike sites like IGN and Gamespot (for example, Gametrailer's GOTY for 2012 was XCOM:Enemy Unknown, and 2015's was Bloodborne, both spot on, and none of them received GOTY from any other major gaming sites). Also, I have to commend them for their excellent video reviews on new titles. Indeed, they will be dearly missed.
  • Mackenzie Lambert_5420
    After a flooded market, it's inevitable that more VG sites will close down. A shame since people will be out of a job.
  • Alex Chin
    I'll go first: My favorite memory is the Shunmue stream following the kickstarter announcement of Shenmue 3. Really good stuff.

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