New Teaser Video Up for Frictional's New Game

A new teaser trailer is up on the website for Frictional Games's upcoming title, and it is creepy in a way we very rarely see.

The creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent definitely have something exciting up their sleeves.  The website for their upcoming project, headed with the letters SOMA, still has the first teaser video Frictional Games released for the game and has now added a second teaser video to the mix.

The Dark Descent helped revolutionize and revive digital horror, and the first teaser for this new project channeled some of the same mystery and tension with a tinge of full-blown panic that made Amnesia so popular.

This new teaser is very different from what we are used to in the horror genre, however.  Having a machine that thinks it is a person is one thing, and one whose various themes have been considered.  Or so I had thought.  The video is definitely creepy, with some very complicated emotion implied in the interactions within.

I am getting more and more excited by this upcoming title.  This teaser is not frightening because of anything it says or does not say, but because of the questions it raises.  Such horror is difficult to make genuinely scary, but if anyone can do it, surely it is the original creators of Amnesia.

Published Oct. 7th 2013

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