Don't Have a Nintendo Switch? These Wii U Games Are Definitely Still Worth Your Time

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Ah, the law of supply and demand. It's the backbone of the market economy, and in theory, it's the symbiotic relationship between producer and buyer. But sometimes, supply doesn't quite equal demand. And this is the case for the Nintendo Switch. Everyone wants it, but not everyone can have it. 

Knowing that the release of the Nintendo Switch basically means the end of the Wii U, the Switch will be quite the commodity for some time -- and most likely in short supply for months to come. 

But don't fret if you can't get your hands on one just yet! There are still a ton of games that can bide your time until the Switch is available for everyone, especially if you own a WiiU. 

Here are the six that made it to the top of the list!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

As one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch, it makes sense to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U in lieu of owning a Switch.

BotW follows Link, who has awoken from a 100-year slumber to a voice guiding him to defeat Calamity Ganon before he can destroy the kingdom of Hyrule. It's different from its counterparts in that it has an open world environment, a detailed physics engine, high-definition visuals, and well-done voice acting.

In BotW, the player controls multiple rune powers, how to cook, and how to navigate the harsh lands around them. This game is worth playing because it continues the world building from previous Legend of Zelda games, while still being exciting for those who are just now traversing into the world of Zelda.


Super Mario 3D World

This game, developed in 2013, is a platformer that people just adore. After all, Mario is everyone's favorite plumber. "Switchers" are also excited for the prospect of Super Mario 3D Odyssey cfall.

However, if you don't have access to the Switch and can't wait that long to get your Super Mario fix, Super Mario 3D World for the WiiU is gonna' be your next jam.

The game follows Mario and friends attempting to rescue fairy-ish creatures (called Sprixies) from the clutches of Bowser, who invades their realm. The gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario 3D Land, which combines the free-roaming gameplay of other 3D Mario games with the 2D side-scrolling aesthetic of classic Mario platformers.

With hidden items and tons of levels, you won't get bored with this one!


Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is an action-packed hack 'n' slasher, which came out in 2014 for the Wii U. The sequel to Bayonetta, the game takes place on the fictional, sacred mountain of Fimbulventr, with the player controlling Bayonetta as she fights against the forces of good and evil.

With access to over-the-top weapons, stylish attack moves, and the ability to stop time, Bayonetta 2 is definitely a game that can tide audiences over until they get their hands on the Switch.

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is a weird game, but it's a great time-passer as we await Nintendo Switch stock to increase. The game takes place on the planet "PNF-404" where three Koppaite explorers (Alph, Brittany, and Charlie) have crash landed in their attempt to discover and retrieve much-needed food sources.

In Pikmin 3 , the player controls Pikmin and directs them to complete various tasks like building bridges, collecting spoils, and defeating enemies. Each Pikmin has a physical feature that signifies their special abilities (for instance, Red Pikmin are immune to fire. while blue Pikmin can swim in water without drowning).

While the content contains dark humor, it's definitely worth holding onto until you can switch to the Switch.


Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is the fifth main title in the Rayman series and a direct sequel to the 2011's Rayman Origins. The plot follows the characters Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies after they've been sleeping for a century. When they are awakened, they find out that the ten princesses of the land and the Teensies have been captured by the nighmares and Dark Teensies. The goal of the game is to defeat the threats and rescue the princesses.

Up to four people can play at any given time, and it continues the platforming gameplay found in Rayman Origins.

What's more, RO features more than 120 levels, including 40 remastered levels from Rayman Origins, which means hours upon hours of gameplay. If nothing else can hold your attention, this game can.

And who knows? Maybe the next version will be released on the Switch!

The Wii U has been around for a while, but it still has fun and exciting games just waiting to be discovered and played. And since Nintendo has been releasing sequels -- or in some cases the same game -- on the Switch, it makes sense that people would want to buy it in order to keep the fun of their favorite games going. But since it's currently in short supply, Wii U games will have to tide some gamers over.

Which of these games are you going to play while waiting for your Nintendo Switch?

Published May. 8th 2017

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