Steam Database Leaks 92 Titles, Several Unannounced Games

You know Valve... some plumber's tape will fix that right up.

For a brief period last night, the Steam stats page had listed at least 92 titles that have yet to be released. There were also quite a few unannounced titles accidentally listed, like a HD port of Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, and the incredibly charming (and Xbox exclusive) Battleblock Theater.

Valve has fixed the listing so all that remains now is some screenshots and a load of speculation. The links to each title are no longer active, but I left them in the listing just in case someone at Valve forgets to jiggle the toilet handle again. 

Some of the titles line up with current news like Hitman PRO. Just two days ago, we heard that a next-gen Hitman title was cancelled, but there was a second title still in development. Other games on the list like Super Secret Project 1 are obviously code names. When the listings were still active there was information available about some of these mystery games.

Project: Apex was linked to Turtle Rock Studios, so that is likely the codename for the just announced title Evolve. Poplar is tied to Gearbox Studios and doesn't seem to be related to any title's they've announced. Sequels to Killing Floor and Half Minute Hero were also nice surprises. 

We're only eight days into the year, but it looks like 2014 is not going to have a shortage of quality Steam titles to eat away at our wallets. 

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Published Jan. 8th 2014
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    Ahhhh, The Crew!!!!!!!! sweeeeet. I was not expecting The Crew to come to PC.

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