Journey (PS4 port) Review

Journey is an amazing and gorgeous experience, but has it been faithfully ported to the PS4?

Journey, a small indie game from thatgamecompany, was released on the PS3 in March 2012 and enchanted many gamers with its gorgeous visuals, captivating music and unique multiplayer experience.

Although the game is rather short, around two or three hours, it won multiple awards for best soundtrack, game of the year, best downloadable game and was the first video game ever nominated for a Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media in 2013. So clearly this game is quite the amazing little diamond in the rough, and this week it was brought to the PS4.

The question is: does this next-gen port do this critically acclaimed video game experience justice?

As my Traveler moved along the dunes, each step caused a ripple in the endless desert.

Something that is tantamount to making Journey a successful port on the PS4 is that it has to keep the gorgeous visuals and music that made the original so memorable. In the beginning of the game, the player starts off controlling their own “Traveler,” who can only talk via chirps, in the middle of the desert. 

The visual updates definitely smoothed out and enhanced the already gorgeous environments of Journey.

Sandwalking for Journey

Your "Traveler" chirping and making its way downtwon... to a mountain.

These breathtaking updates to Journey were not solely limited to the desert section of the game, each new environment felt as breathtaking and as vast as it did when I first played the game. The score is just as pretty and adds to the immersion of the voyage of your Traveler.

The sole goal in Journey is to reach the mysterious mountain

I had not played Journey in a very long time, but I still cracked a smile once the title screen flashed up. It was a special kind of experience as your Traveler can meet other players going through the game, however, you can’t really communicate.

Sand Surfing in Journey

During my playthrough, I met a few players and had different experiences with them. One player was clearly new and it felt nice to show him/her some hidden secrets along our journey. In the second half of the game I met another player who was definitely a veteran player. This time, they actually showed me some secrets and collectibles I had never found in my previous playthroughs of Journey.

It was good to be both the student and the teacher. The gameplay in general for Journey is rather simple, so I was not really worried about it in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Taking in the gorgeous scenery and seeing the visions of the history of the world of Journey again was enjoyable nostalgic and fun. If you are a fan of the original Journey or curious about this highly acclaimed indie game should definitely check it out.

The goal of Journey

Once again, the game is rather short but the game makes up for it with the breathtaking quality of the environments and its simplicity and interesting storytelling. This PS4 port is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $15, which to some might seem really pricey. However, if you have already bought a digital copy of Journey on PS3 this new port will be a free download, thanks to Crossbuy.

Despite a rather high price at the outset, Journey on the PS4 is as magical as ever. There were some moments where some of the visual enhancements of the environments and the “Traveler” character seemed a bit too synthetic, but those moments were rare and unobtrusive. Journey is a short, yet memorable experience.

Our Rating
Journey is an amazing and gorgeous experience, but has it been faithfully ported to the PS4?
Reviewed On: Playstation 4


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Published Jul. 23rd 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Journey is one of the few games I consider perfect.
    But it just is, honestly... I can't find any faults apart from REALLY finicky things, like sometimes this thing for a split second looks a bit muddy... but you whizz past it and forget about it as soon as you have seen it.

    If I had a PS4, I would happily buy this again, if it comes to PC, I would buy it again, if it came to Xbox One I would buy it again.
    (The Xbox One release I know is never going to happen, but I used it make my point).

    It tells the story it tells, no fluff, no guff, no filler, no killer, no crap, and lots of... yer I won't end that I'll let everyone else end it for me. It does what it needs to do and nothing more, nothing less. Just perfect.

    DAMN IT! Now I want a PS4, or PS3 to play it again!

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