Death Stranding Goes Gold, Marks Kojima Productions' 1st Major Milestone

Death Stranding's development is officially finished, making it the first completed project for Kojima Productions.

After more than three years of development, Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Productions development team announced that Death Stranding has finally gone gold.

That means development has officially finished, though there are still rounds of testing and polishing left to do before the game launches for PlayStation 4.

That launch date is coming up fast: November 8. There's still time to check out all the pre-order options and bonuses here.

Kojima posted the announcement on Twitter. He said it's Kojima Productions' first significant milestone as an independent studio. In the tweet, he thanked Sony — and the entire Kojima Productions team — for everything they did to make the milestone possible. 

After multiple trailers, including nearly an hour of footage from the Tokyo Game Show, we still don't really know what Death Stranding is about. We know it heavily leans on the bizarre side of the scale — though that's not necessarily a bad thing and something we kind of expect out of Kojima. 

We also know it has amazing music, and this week, we learned there's a limited edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro in the works as well.

Beyond that, though, is anyone's guess — at least until November 8.


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Published Sep. 26th 2019

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